about us

Mirasoul d.o.o.

We are the first specialized company in Slovenia with innovative solutions to protect the environment with friendlier energy on the basis of less fuel consumption and cleaner combustion.

Primary activity of Mirasoul company is to produce and sell Mirasoul Biodiesel additive (an additive for diesel and biodiesel fuel) and Mirasoul Heating Oil additive (an additive for heating oil).

Our basic assignments are professional advices, quick response, quality service and products at good prices. We achieve this with enhancing long term business connections and partnerships in the areas of research, marketing and supplies.

Being fast, ingenious, dynamic and innovative we can handle any challenge regardless of the complexity. Therefore, we meet our partners’ expectations and we prove to have the best solutions and serious intentions.

We merchandise in Slovenia as well as outside Slovenian borders. Our products are 100% tested and safe to use.